Shape Medical Systems Inc. Partners With Buffalo Supply, Inc. to Offer the Shape-HF Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing System to Federal Government Hospitals
By Elise Schadauer

Minneapolis-St. Paul (April 15, 2010) – Shape Medical Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce its business relationship with Buffalo Supply, Inc. of Lafayette, Colorado, to provide the best negotiated prices to federal government hospitals for its Shape-HF Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing System.

“Working with Buffalo Supply allows Shape Medical Systems to provide the Shape-HF to any hospital that receives federal funds for medical equipment,” said Clarence Johnson, the president of Shape Medical Systems.  “We’re impressed with Buffalo Supply’s knowledge and extensive reach in the federal market.”


Since 1983, Buffalo Supply has been providing medical and surgical equipment and supplies to federal government hospitals.  Buffalo Supply has multiple Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contracts with both the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), making it possible for private companies to provide medical equipment to federal government hospitals, including VA  hospitals, military hospitals, federal prisons,  Indian Health Services facilities , and other federally funded organizations throughout the United States and internationally. 


The Shape-HF System is the first gas exchange testing device specifically designed for cardiology and the only device to objectively measures cardiopulmonary gas exchange easily and quickly without undue strain on the patient. It can be used in the office setting and provides real-time physiological assessment to help physicians elucidate the physiological underpinnings of dyspnea, objectively assess patient functional classification, monitor therapy response and progress, identify potential co-morbidities, and optimize CRT at exercise levels consistent with patient daily activity.


Shape Medical Systems Inc. is a privately held, St. Paul, Minnesota-based medical device company whose core technology lies in the development and commercialization of products for assessing heart/lung interaction and ventilation in chronic heart failure and other cardiopulmonary disease. Shape's clear mission is to develop products that increase the quality of patients' lives by helping doctors quantify shortness of breath, assess patient functional capacity, optimize drug, device and rehabilitation therapy, and monitor patient progress. Shape testing provides evidence based outcomes.  Shape Medical Systems was founded in 2004 and received FDA market clearance for the Shape-HF Cardiopulmonary Testing System in April 2009. The Shape-HF System, testing protocols and applications are protected by patent 7,225,022 and other U.S. and foreign patents issued and pending.

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